Google Apps with Separate Hosting

The Problem

We can use Google email server with our own domain name using Google Apps standard edition totally free of cost. We can have upto 50 users for a domain. There are some instructions about changing the MX records to make this.

Normally we can get the email accounts with the hosting. Now, what if we want to use a own hosting account with email accounts with Google Apps?

Normal Setup

To set up Google Apps with our domain name we have to do the following steps,
1. Register with Google Apps Standard Edition
2. Create Admin account
3. Confirm ownership (This can be done by creating a CNAME or TXT record in our domain)
4. Change the MX records to

Priority Mail Server

Done. It will take some time to get activated.
Here, assume our domain has no website. Just we are using only emails for this domain.

Google Apps with Another Hosting Setup

Consider, we are going to use a different hosting account for our domain name. But we do not need their email server, we are going to use Google Apps for emails. To make this work we have to note some DNS changes and activities:
1. Note: Do not set up hosting first and then Google Apps, this will make some problems. First, set up Google Apps.
2. Note: While setting up Google Apps make sure the domain has default NS records. My domain DNS records are not changing after changing default NS records. So, better leave it as it is while purchasing our domain name. Actually, we are not going to change NS records at any time.
3. First set up Google Apps with out hosting. Take a day, make sure this works fine.
4. Buy a hosting account. They may ask us to do NS records change. But ask them the IP address of the hosting. We are going to activate hosting via A records, not by NS records.
5. Add A Records with name www and @ with IP address of our hosting.
Done. Wait for some time and check back. This works for me.

What if we are using hosting account with default NS records?
I have not faced this type till now. Hope this will give me a head ache in future. 🙂

Beschi A 😉

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5 Responses to Google Apps with Separate Hosting

  1. Gazduire says:

    Very intresting article. Keep up the good work.

  2. fondotinta says:

    I’m thinking to google apps but with my provider i have unlimited mail with google apps free edition we have only 10 email 😐

  3. Beschi says:

    now that was reduced to 10 from 50.

    Beschi A.

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