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Jquery – Ajax Link inside ajax loaded content problem

Problem We know how to load a content via ajax very easily using jquery with $.ajax{} or load(). But there is a problem of handling the events inside that dynamically loaded content. Advertisements

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Jquery simple accordion effect

Before Start This is a simple jquery accordion effect. While searching for a simple jquery accordion effect, visited this page – http://docs.jquery.com/UI/Accordion. Here someone said, “An accordion doesn’t allow more than one content panel to be open at the same … Continue reading

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Jquery Simple News/Content Ticker

Before Start This is a simple content display ticker. We can use it for news/quote/testimonial ticker display. Last week I wanted to give a quote ticker in a website. As usual I was looking for Query News Ticker and gone … Continue reading

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Ajax Autocomplete – Part 2 – with name and value

In the previous post Ajax Autocomplete – Jquery PHP Mysql Johnny and Tariq asked how to get the id. With some changes we can store the value in a hidden field. Please refer the previous post before reading this…

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Ajax Autocomplete – Jquery PHP Mysql

Before Start The aim is to design an auto complete script for text box in ajax using Jquery, PHP, Mysql. I have searched for the script, and i have found a simple autocomplete plugin here http://bassistance.de/jquery-plugins/jquery-plugin-autocomplete/ and you can find … Continue reading

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Scroll effect with local anchors – Jquery

I forgot where i got this idea of this script, but i remember this is not my own. About the script: This is to make some scroll effect inside a page anchors to target  (like #content). Click Here For The … Continue reading

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